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Pet Food Acitex - Ingredients

We conduct a very careful selection of ingredients for our products. Every raw material must obey our strict patterns of quality and freshness.

Pet Food Acitex - Quality Control
Quality Control

Our products and ingredients are submitted to a rigorous quality control, so we can deliver to our pets the best pet food.

Pet Food Acitex - Nutrition
Complete Nutrition

Our formulas were designed by specialists. We deliver a Complete and Balanced Nutrition developed for each stage of our pets necessities.

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Our Products
Pet Food Acitex Dog

Our Products

What makes us different
Rigorously selected to assure the best quality and palatability
All of our products were developed to promote intestinal health
Pet Food Acitex Dry Croquet
Developed by nutrition experts, adapted to the health needs of our pets to assure the best nutrition
Each of our products have the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to your pet
We care about our planet
Let's Build A BETTER FUTURE for all
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